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Our skins become worn with age, and under the effects of cold, sun, wind, drugs, creams and illnesses. The skin requires particular protection and care against the effects of the Sun. Facial skin that is not cared for will wrinkle, thin out and age much earlier.

We therefore recommend regular skin care for everyone, particularly people over the age of 30. The purpose behind skin care is to clean the pores, oxygenate the skin, remove keratinized dead lays of skin, to bestow a bright, alive and fresh appearance and to eliminate toxins. Skin care lasts approximately 1 hour. It should be performed several times a month to protect the skin against external factors and the effects of age. Skin care is also psychologically relaxing. Jansenn brand organic products are used for skin care in our clinic.

Skin care procedures performed in our clinic:

Classic Skin Care

Acne/Problem Skin Care

Blemished Skin Care

Lifting Face and Eye Care

Special Flask and Mask Procedures

Our beauty specialists will recommend products, tonics and cleansers for use after skin care.