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Doublo therapy provides face-lifting and tightening, neck and chin tightening, eyelid tightening, décolleté tightening, and arm, leg and stomach tightening in a single, non-surgical session. High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive technique using a technology that can be applied under office conditions without the need for surgery. Unlike other lasers, HIFU does not use light, but operates with sound waves instead.

Electrical energy is converted into ultrasound energy in the ceramic HIFU transducer. This ultrasound energy is then converted into thermal energy at a maximum focusing point, resulting in a thermal coagulative field on the SMAS without damaging the epidermis and subcutaneous layers. A temperature of 60 C is created in this area, through which sagging skin and tissues are tightened and lifted.

Doublo targets the deep dermis, subcutaneous layer and SMAS. It tightens sagging skin and tissue without the need for surgery. It renews the skin surface and reduces wrinkles with the stimulation of new collagen. It can be safely applied to all types and colors of skin, without such side-effects as burning or hyperpigmentation. The result is natural face lifting, without the need for a recovery period. The technique is also popularly known as non-surgical face-lifting. This technology can also be applied to the inner and outer parts of the legs for leg tautening, to the inner arms and to the stomach area.

There is no need for any kind of anesthesia during application. Ultrasound gel is rubbed over the region where it is to be used. The procedure lasts approximately 1 hour. Sensations felt during the procedure vary from person to person, but patients generally describe a moment's discomfort they compare to a ‘pin prick.' The first effects can be seen immediately after the procedure. This constitutes approximately 25% of the total effect, which becomes fully visible in an average of 3 months.

Mild reddening may occur after the procedure, but this disappears with a few hours. Patients undergoing the procedure are able to return to normal life right away.