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"Platelet Rich Plasma''

PRP stands for the technique known as platelet rich plasma therapy. This involves a small amount of blood being placed into a special tube and centrifuged. The blood is then separated out into its components, and the very small amount of PRP obtained is injected back into the donor. Three sessions at 3-week intervals are recommended.

How is the technique performed?

PRP is performed by physicians using ready-made kits. Masks prepared with PRP can be used, and PRP can also be used in mesotherapy and volume-enhancing or bulking therapies.
In terms of cosmetic medicine in the broadest sense, PRP can be successfully applied to such parts of the body as the face, neck, décolleté region, hands, inner thighs and arms for such purposes as
Rapid restructuring of the skin after procedures such as laser / peeling,

Reversing the results of aging and exposure to U/V rays in the skin, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating sagging and restoring elasticity and brightness,
Controlling conditions such as wounds and cracks to the skin after healing,
For treating hair loss, either by itself or to enhance the effects of other therapeutic options, and much else.