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What kinds of changes take place in our faces as we grow older?

Thick or thin lines and sags appear in our faces as we age. Among the reasons for this are the effects of gravity, solar rays, ultraviolet light, gestures such as smiling, frowning or wrinkling our brows that we perform hundreds of time every day and undesirable external factors such as cigarette smoking. There is also a gradual decrease in substances that are present in our skin and make it look young and full of life. As a result, thick or thin lines form around our lips and mouth, at the edges of our eyes (crow's feet), on our forehead and from the nostrils to the corners of our mouths.

What are filling materials?

The materials used under the skin to fill wrinkles and lines that appear on our faces as the result of sagging in areas that collapse under the effects of aging (under the eyes, the cheeks, etc.) and various cavities in the skin (injury scars, burns etc.), and that can sometimes improve contours (such as making the lips appear more curvaceous and ripe), are known as filling materials. These are products made from a wide range of chemical substances and placed on the market. But since the injection of foreign substances into the body can give rise to various undesirable consequences, with the exception of a few very reliable products (such as collagen and hyaluronic acid), they are not recommended.

The advantages of filling materials

The injection of filling materials is highly practical and takes an average of as little as 15-30 minutes. Since the procedure is pain-free there is no need for local or general anesthesia, although local anesthetic creams can be applied beforehand if the patient so wishes. It has no effect on social or working life. Results appear the moment the procedure is performed, so there is no waiting period, and there is no need for any special care regime afterward.

Are filler materials used for contour improvement?
Yes. Biological filling materials can be used to enhance lip curvatures and the chin, to increase the curve of the brow and to fill in the cheekbones.