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Mesotherapy is the use of micro-injections to treat diseases involving the skin in a localized manner wherever they appear on the body. This method is used in the treatment of cellulite, for body sculpting and regional slimming, in the treatment of alopecia (hair loss), for facial tautening, for treating wrinkles and discoloration around the eyes and in the treatment of cracks.

Sessions can be performed once a week or once every two weeks, depending on individual requirements. The technique involves the use of very fine and short needle tips ( 4 – 6 mm, 29 – 30 g needles). Pain is minimal, in line with the size of the needles employed. Number of sessions ranges from 2 to 10, again depending on the patient's needs. During treatment, the patient is advised to avoid drinks containing caffeine (tea, coffee and colas), soda and salt, to drink plenty of water and to adopt a fat-free, sugar-free, fiber-rich diet.